17 funny gifs for social media sharing


Ooo.. Hey Who are you ?

Come here i ll kill you.. omg omg omg ok im deadfunny-gifs


  Haaa i’m the Cristiano Ronaldo Nothing Stops Me,

                                             Taaadaaa  i’m the Lionel Messi brofunny-cat



Ah It’s a beautiful Beluga whale,  No i’m bad Beluga whale.. eeee haaaaaaa..funny-kids

Oh god what’s this? eeeeeeyaaaaaakkkkk… Omg mummy what the hell it this !!!!! Omg…lol.. hahaha funnyomg

mm yummy yummy ice cream yes yes it’s my favorite..

Omg…lol.. hahaha funnycute-baby-gifs


     Ahhh.. Sweet biscuit for me, 

Hey Thief.. Thief.. Some body catch this culprit

Omg…lol.. hahaha funny




                   No No No Not food.. Ah kitkat yummy Give it to me.. Aaaa Oooo You                                                       cheater fellow.. i hate you daddy..

                                                    lol .. omg… hahaha funnybaby-eating-funny-gifs

Oh poor doggy, you feel cold !!  Here i help you my little doggy.. lol it’s cute kid.helping-baby-gifs


OMG what’s this ? mummy mummy mummy!!!  this idiot is following me.. Help me! Help me!  Hey leave me alone..

aaaaaaaaaa.. Some body help me idiots.. aaaaaa…. Where the hell you all gone.. lol it’s funny kid.. Omg…lol.. hahaha…  funnybaby-gif-funny



                       Ohh its a snow doll.. yes am !!! Omg…lol.. hahaha…  funnybaby-scared-funny-gifs



hey you baby stealer.. Give my baby.. oooo mummy.. Omg…lol.. hahaha…  funnybaby-crying-funny-gifs



Stay calm guys until she says start.. Otherwise this idiot girl will eat our food alone.. oh really!!!  Omg…lol.. hahaha…  funnybaby-girl-giving-food-clever



You ugly kid.. how dare you call me as a cat.. My name is kitty..  you idiot.. come here i show you who i am.. you stupid dad’s son..  Omg…lol.. hahaha…  funnybaby-with-cat-omg



Don’t cry baby here 1 dollar,  Ahhh Not enough.. Ok here 1000 dollars.. Ah now ok..

Omg…lol.. hahaha…  funny money-minded-baby-gifs

                         Omg.. Dad sooo many fishes, Can we catch all this dad !!!cute-gifs



Hey you.. I am loving you.. Give me a kiss baby…Omg…lol.. hahaha…  funnyfunny-boy-gifs

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